Fifteen tips for college freshmen

  1. Remember it’s as awkward as you make it. Or, rather, it’s only awkward if you make it awkward. You will be attending some ice breakers, so just go with it! Think of some other things to talk about besides where you’re from and what major you’re in. Everyone is just as anxious to make new friends. If you act comfortable, chances are they will feel comfortable too.
  2. Follow your school on social media sites! Even though you might not get the follow-back you were hoping for, you will keep up to date with everything fun happening on and off campus. Don’t forget to tag your school when you’re showing off your school spirit – you might get featured on their page! (Like I did!)FullSizeRender
  3. When you’re walking around campus, pretend like you know someone. When you say hi to someone confidently, it will make them think, “Wait do I know them?” And chances are, when they can’t think of when they met you, they will think ” Hey, I should get to know them.”
  4. Get involved! Find out a club or sport you like to do, or maybe have never tried before. Now is the time to go out of your comfort zone. (Some sport classes may even count toward your credits!) And, if you stick with it, you could even attain a leadership position in your later years.
  5. Make your bed. It’s amazing how different a room can look if you just make your bed. Plus, if you always make your bed, your roommate will feel more motivated to do the same. And with your beds made, your room is instantly cleaner – which makes it easier to invite people over!
  6. Keep your door to your room open (if it does not pose a fire hazard). When people walk down your hallway, they will naturally want to look inside your room. This gives you a chance to meet the people in your hallway in a laid-back kind of way.
  7. Check out where your classes are before your actual class time. That way you won’t get confused when it’s actually time to go to class. If you have short in-between times, make sure you map out the most efficient way to make it to your class on time. Also, during the first week make sure you give yourself extra time to get to class so you can get a good seat.
  8. Know your limits and respect the limits of the people around you. If people judge you for the activities you do or do not partake in, they do not deserve to be your friend. Don’t fall victim to peer pressure. Find friends who respect your choices.
  9. Visit your professors during office hours. It’s college, so no one can force you, but this will make a world of a difference. Even if you are in a huge class, introduce yourself! Their job is to teach, and so they are looking for people who are enthusiastic to learn. If you show your dedication to the class, they will be more likely to help you out, and in the future maybe even write you a letter of recommendation for graduate school or an internship.
  10. Find a gym buddy! A healthy body lends itself to a healthy mind. Working out with a friend can give you a burst of energy and put you in the right mindset for class.
  11. Be prepared to read (a lot). You may think reading = no homework. You’re wrong. It will sneak up on you, and when your mid-term or final comes around, you’re going to wish you read all those chapters weeks before instead of the night before the exam.
  12. Introduce yourself to the people you sit next to in your classes. Instead of scrolling through Instagram, or pretending to text someone, look up and smile! Make friends with people in your class so that you can later form study groups or ask them a question about an assignment.
  13. Actually look at the fliers posted around campus. You may have just walked by a study-abroad opportunity, a new job posting, or a cool ad for a club to join!
  14. Don’t forget about the people at home – but also don’t cling to your high school friends. Make sure you call your parents about your first classes, they want to know how it’s going! Don’t get wrapped up in FaceTime, spend time with the people around you too! 
  15. Be open-minded – about the people you meet, the clubs to join, your classes, and your professors. Also, don’t be afraid of changing paths! It’s never too late to pursue something you’re more passionate about. Don’t worry – it’s only your first year. Breathe.