Frosh Football goes undefeated

There is no doubt about it: Charter Oak is a football school. While Varsity has been in the spotlight as they advance to the CIF playoffs, the freshman team has excelled with less recognition than they deserve. They realized a rare achievement; they were the first freshman football team to go undefeated since 1984.

These players won all ten of their games, and many of them were not close. Seldom did they score under 40 points.

“All the hard work and effort we put in, all the difficult and long practices, they all paid off,” said Lou Farrar. “The work we did off the field showed itself on the field, too.”

The path to 10-0 was not unchallenged, however, they did have their fair share of close calls, such as trailing late in games, but they always managed to pull off the victory.

“Even though we faced many obstacles, we overcame them and found our way to an undefeated season,” said Farrar.

The freshmen addressed how close they were.

“We’re like brothers,” said Joseph Romero, and they all stressed how their brotherhood helped them play better together on the field.

A few people outside of the team were curious to see how the frosh team would do with new coaches, but the players themselves had no doubt about their potential.

“We had a solid group of guys. We knew straight from the beginning of summer that we could go undefeated,” said Fabian Vargas.

Reflecting on their season, Romero commented, “It was a great season. Everyone played their hearts out, even the second stringers.”

Vargas also echoed a similar statement, “It was a good season. We learned a lot, grew as a family even though some of us hated each other at first. We’re all looking forward to the next three years.”

The hard work and success of this year’s historical freshman team is already paying off for them, as 18 Frosh Football players were pulled up to Varsity for the CIF Playoffs. If their impact translates just as well to Friday nights, then look out, Central Division.

—Andres Soto


Julian Castro / COHS