Girls Volleyball bumps their way to City Championships


The Highlanders took on the Carson Colts in a fierce volleyball match on Tuesday night that ended just the way the girls wanted it to; a 3-0 sweep. The Highlanders won the first match 25-22, the second match 25-20, and the last match 25-8. 

The girls were very proud of themselves and the way they played together as a team.

“We all had a lot of energy and we played hard and worked together better yesterday than we normally do,” said senior Rachel Zadikov, “ I think it is because we all wanted to win really bad, so we worked really hard and it paid off in the end.”

Coach Thomas Harp was very proud of the girls for their sweep over the Colts. “I thought we played very well against a quality team. We had a lot of good runs, and we kept their runs to a minimal,” said Harp. “It was a really good team effort and everyone made important contributions that led to the sweep.”

Because the girls beat Carson, they will go on to the City Championships and play Pacific Palisades.

“We have played them before at the beginning of the season, so we know how they play a little, but not well enough so we kind of have to start from scratch,” said Harp. “We have to try to defend what we know they do the best.”

Their game is on Saturday night at 7 p.m. in Pasadena and they are working hard and preparing well.

“We just need to keep practicing our hardest and not get too cocky because we have beat them before, there is still a chance we could lose,” said Zadikov.

Come out and support your lady Highlanders by signing up to take the fan bus to the high school to cheer for them. Sign-ups are in the boys PE office on Friday. They need your support. Go Highlanders! 

-Marissa Scott

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