Granada Hills vs. Cleveland JV girls volleyball match

The Granada Hills Highlanders defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in a heated volleyball match on Monday afternoon. Winning two sets to none, the Highlanders outscored the Cavaliers by 26 points.

“I think we won because Cleveland was not a very hard team to beat and we communicated very well on the court. Defensively, we did a good job, but our offense could have used a little work,” sophomore Samantha Hernandez said.

The Highlanders were looking for a tough game as the Cavaliers were 12-6-1 on the season so far. Coming out on top gave the Highlanders a boost in confidence and kept their nine-game winning streak alive.

The Highlanders are looking for their next win on Thursday afternoon as they take on the Taft Toreadors who are 18-8 on the season.

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