‘Hacksaw Ridge’ Review

As you may know, World War II was a devastating time where it was every man for himself when caught in enemy fire. Many went after taking their enemies’ lives, but one man was not like that; he went to war to help save lives and not take them away.

In the movie, he didn’t want to have a gun to take arm, but he had to use one to make a sleigh out of a blanket and the rifle he found to carry a wounded during the battle. His name is Desmond Thomas Doss, and the movie about him should get as many awards as he did and more.

The reason is because at the beginning of the movie we see how the events that happen during his childhood made him the person he is later on. The movie is centered around the beginning of the World War II, where men are leaving to join the war.

Even though his dad doesn’t want him to join the war, he and his brother still do. When he goes to a hospital one day before joining the army, he saw a nurse and he fell in love. Because he saw how she was helping save lives, he was inspired to join the war to become a medic.

Even though he was a medic, he was still obligated to take arms but he didn’t want to. Because of this the other bullied him and beat him up. But when he went into war he did what the others wouldn’t and that was going into enemy territory to help save his comrades which he still considered them as comrades and that is how he got respect. When he was saving lives in the battle field alone he would keeping on saying, “let me save one more.” And that is mostly the best motivational part of the movie.