How common is sexual harassment?

TIME’s 2017 “Person of the Year” article was titled “The Silence Breakers”.

It is an article close to 20 pages, each page holding a different story. More specifically, stories about sexual harassment, all told by women, with the exception of a few men. This simple article holds so much power, depth, and raw emotion. It is shocking to see just how common sexual harassment is.

Sexual harassment does not follow stereotypes. You do not have to work in a suspicious alleyway or in production at Hollywood. Sexual harassment can happen anywhere, to people holding all different kinds of occupations. These stories are told by actors, professors, artists, housekeepers, senators, journalists, producers, models, and more. In the news, we have heard dozens sexual allegations against Harvey Weinstein, who was an American film producer. Larry Nassar, who was a USA Gymnastics doctor also has many women who have accused him of sexual abuse, including two-time Olympian and American gymnast, Aly Raisman. We as civilians have heard these stories broadcasted through the news, not because these people are more important, but because they are more well known.

“The Silence Breakers” gives insight to the stories less commonly known. It tells the stories of people with occupations such as “former dishwasher” or “hotel housekeeper”. These stories highlight the global magnitude of this problem and raise the alarm to advocate that action must be taken.