I marched…straight home

Due to recent events, I was compelled to write this message.

Dear White Moderates,

Do I sympathize for you? Yes.
Do I understand your state of urgency? Yes.

But I do not march with you. I will not protest with you.

We marched, we protested. But you sat. You sat and watched as they gassed us. You watched as they cuffed us.

My heart sympathizes with those who mourn for the loss of their classmates and their children.

You watched and retweeted when we mourned the acts of inequality that was exercised against us.

So you are not granted my empathy.

We needed nationwide protesters who believed in our fight. We needed marchers who would stand with us.

I will not march with you because you did not stand with us when we fought against random searches. When we called out for equal opportunities in our classrooms you stood by and watched.

In our schools we do not face school shoots. We face dirty restrooms, over populated classrooms, and not enough college exposure.

The reality is, school shootings don’t happen in the hood. Therefore, I will not march for the problems you face in your schools while you turn your head from the issues we do.