Immigration & a neutral standpoint

Immigration and how we deal with it is highly debatable and also highly important. These two factors can change how the next generation(s) view foreigners and people not originally from America positively or negatively. Some of these views might be to ban all incoming immigrants from America and make this nation more hostile to foreigners, or they might be to have open borders and allow people from all over into the country. Maybe it’s a combination of the two, but whether it is viewed negatively or positively is entirely up to the viewer. What we do now about immigration and the effects it may cause will remain in some shape and form, and pass on to the next generation(s) from ours. America is known to be and even called “the land of the free”, where people can decide their own fate and what to do for themselves. While I don’t want to choose sides about who is right and who is wrong on this very controversial topic, I do want to stress the importance of every action taken based on or about immigration, as well as have people think about what our current state and stance on immigration is and what they can about it.