Immigration & the unity of a community

As an immigrant student, I can say that adapting to a new country comes with its challenges. It is hard to adjust to a place where a new culture and different perspectives are seen. I continue to feel like an outcast who struggles to find the correct pathway.

This was the beginning of my story, but as I get older I am able to see that in the community in which I live in, I am surrounded by people who share similar stories from me. Our backgrounds are similar and each unique story creates unity among all of us.

Someway or another this unity connects all of us and further pushes us to fight each battle that comes our way. Words are a great way to advocate for something, but with change comes actions. Our stories have made an impact on the way our community functions and have been able to create a welcoming environment. This environment is needed in order for people like myself to feel belonged. It doesn’t stop the struggles I will face but at least I know who I have by my side.

This unity made a possible dream become a reality. I recently became a DACA student and with this, I saw the bright side of my future. I know this fight is still not over but being part of the DACA program opened doors that have made my day of crossing worth every risk. This opportunity illustrates what a united community could accomplish for millions of undocumented students. It is as simple as uniting together as a whole.