Is it over?

It was fun while it lasted. The freedom we had while surfing the internet has been stripped from us. The repeal of net neutrality has been made by the FCC. The agency made to protect the people has forsaken them. It is hard to believe that so much power has been granted to three people. It seems most people are against it, so we can only hope that Congress does the right thing and represents the people. What can possibly be positive about the repeal of net neutrality?

Seeing as the FCC has not explained much, the people are left to think of the possible benefits. Ajit Pai has claimed that it will spark innovation and competition but did not explain how. It is hard to believe that innovation would come from startups that have been hindered from the get-go. Although it would certainly spark “competition” among big businesses, it would be at the expense of its consumers. The ends don’t  justify the means in this decision.

Sure, parents are able to monitor their children better but at a price. It makes no sense to pay for a service that is unnecessary. Parents can monitor their children just fine with net neutrality.

Ridding net neutrality ends freedom of speech on the internet. Websites like YouTube foster originality and provide a platform for speakers. Many of these speakers, artists, and entertainers will lose their livelihoods as a result. Small businesses will suffer from a high input cost. The people will suffer for the benefit of a select few. In no world does this decision end well for the people. It is because of that, that we as a society must fight. Net neutrality is not dead just yet, for we still have Congress. We must make what we want clear so our representatives may act accordingly. If somehow Congress allows for the repeal of net neutrality, then we as a people are doing something wrong.