The goal of the Southern California Journalism Education Association is to improve recognition by educators of journalism’s instructional values; to provide direct liaison between professional journalists and educational journalists; to aid instruction by working for adequate materials, time, salary and administrative recognition for journalism instructors; to share effective teaching techniques; to provide high‑quality information and competition for student journalists; to promote improvement of school publications; to develop cooperation between high school and college instructors of journalism and to coordinate activities with other journalism education groups.
SCJEA offers space for advisers of varying media to join together to network and brainstorm. Various conferences throughout the year are held to enable professional development.  These conferences also include learning opportunities for students, so bring the whole J-fam!

Regional and state write-offs are hosted in the beginning of the calendar year. Students can compete in various categories, individually and as a team.  SCJEA also hosts the California All-Stars mail-in competition. The winners are announced at the state write-off.

Various scholarships (from $250 to $1,000) both for graduating seniors and underclassmen are offered in the spring.

Mentors are available for new advisers and schools are able to send in newspapers and yearbooks to be critiqued by a member of the association for a $10 fee.

Learn more here. If you are interested in joining SCJEA, email Lacey Hatfield at

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