Lady Bulldogs defeat El Rancho, 64-56

It has been a year since the Garfield girls’ varsity basketball team matched up against El Rancho Dons. Last time they faced each other, the Lady Bulldogs endured a game-winning shot by the Dons in the final seconds of the game.

“It felt great to make a comeback and win tonight, they’re good. They’re good shooters, really good shooters. I think it was a good win” said forward Monica Garcia as she led her team to victory and ended the night with 25 points. 

Garfield was off to a slow start as the Bulldogs scored their first basket halfway in the first quarter. El Rancho penetrated the Bulldog defense with ease as the Dons led the Lady Bulldogs 20-12 at the end of the first quarter. 

Going into the second quarter the lady bulldogs picked up momentum as they had a five-point run on El Rancho but it wasn’t enough of a comeback as the Dons continued to lead 22-19 with three minutes left to play in the first half. Lady Bulldog guard Anabelle Castro made a buzzer beater to lead the Dons 32-31 at the end of the first half. Castro finished the evening with seven points. 

The Lady Bulldogs kept their momentum going into the third quarter as forward Candy Perez scored the first jump shot of the half extending Garfield’s lead 34-31 early in the quarter.  With much effort put by the Dons they weren’t performing as well as they were in the first half as the Lady Bulldogs led the Dons, 43-38, with two minutes left in the third quarter. El Rancho managed to a five-point run but it still wasn’t enough as the Garfield Bulldogs led after the third quarter, 45-43.

Both teams entered the fourth quarter focused and determined as El Rancho scored back-to-back three pointers by point guard Ashley Miller who finished with nine points on the night. However, Garfield wouldn’t go down without a fight as multiple jump shots and layups helped continue their lead, 53-45, with four minutes left to play. El Rancho was desperate to get back into the game, as there was under a minute left to play to when the Dons resorted to fouling. This led to some heated exchanges between players and after a very close and intense game, Garfield gained their redemption as they defeated El Rancho, 64-56. ­­­­­

—Donnaldo Escobedo