Little Mix- Teen Choice

Little Mix was very excited to have won a surfboard!  And, I was very excited to get to speak with Little Mix because I have loved them for four years, and they were so very kind and adorable. They are having their second arena tour next year, and they are very excited about it.

They talked about their love for Taylor Swift and how they would really love to collaborate with her. As well they shared that they really love Fifth Harmony, as well.  I was really impressed with their sense of unity with and care for each other They said that they all have very individual styles and that somehow, though they are all so different, it blends together.  They said that it is wonderful to be able to work together and get to be with their best friends and support each other. They said that they don’t know what they would do without each other.

The lasting take away from Little Mix was when they said to let everyone know to “dream big.” Then, I asked them about how they felt from going from their song “Wings,” which I was obsessed with in seventh grade, to now, and how their music has changed.