Meet the college student selected for a free trip to Asia!

We are excited to announce that Elizabeth Wong is the college winner of the Discover Asia Correspondent Contest. Elizabeth will  receive an expense-paid five-day, six-night trip courtesy of Korean Air to the destination of their choice in Asia to explore a topic of personal interest.

“The extent of my knowledge of my birth story is that I was born in Nanjing, China. When I was younger this one sentence story was enough for me. It was a black and white fact. As I have grown older, and now am in my first year of college, I can’t help but question my past and want to know my whole story. It’s as though I am entering the middle of a book; the story is far from over, yet somehow the beginning has been ripped out.

Discovering these missing chapters of my life motivates me to enter the Los Angeles Times ‘Asia Correspondent’ contest sponsored by Korean Air. Like many other adopted children, I yearn to someday visit my birthplace.”

—Elizabeth Wong, Freshman, Chapman University

Elizabeth will be honored at the 2016 Festival of Books.

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