Modernization of our community

Whether we notice it or not, communities all around us are being gentrified. Gentrification has become a huge factor in our lives, possibly even in our community. What is gentrification, you may be asking. Gentrification is the modification of a community or house to better fit the middle class. Gentrification is a very controversial, and an often talked about topic.

Living in East Los Angeles, there is huge changes occurring all around my community and communities around me. Wealthier company’s and CEO’s are taking over local places that have more meaning to them than actually known. The impact of gentrification has hit hard in Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles. In the article, “Gentrification Hits Historic Los Angeles Neighborhoods, in Boyle Heights, Brunhuber writes, “Many of the mariachis have left the area because they can no longer afford the rent. A new art gallery and the new coffee shop are already there. In less than three years, there’ll be new bike lanes, a new public arts space and a pedestrian mall. Even part of the plaza itself is now for sale. Change, say residents like Jose Sanchez, has been slow but expensive, like the $5 pour-over coffee.”

New art galleries are being placed in the East Los Angeles, Boyle Heights area. Although many of us do not agree with the gentrification in our community, it is probably the best option for us.

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