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Must-go-to frightful mazes at Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights

Dropping temperatures signals the return of Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights

With its official opening on Sept. 16, I had the opportunity to partake in its preview night. Here are four must-go-to mazes in the countdown of dread.

4) What an excellent day for The Exorcist

Follow Father Merrin in the 1973 classic as he prepares an exorcism for 12-year-old Regan MacNeil. Why is one of the greatest horror films of all time in last place, you ask? Although this maze has the greatest hype, the sets are boringly similar. As you walk into Regan’s bedroom and continue onto the next scene, you find yourself in another replica of the room just with different dialogue. This goes on for the majority of the maze but you should not miss out on this demonic encounter. Don’t forget to bring your holy water.

3) All monsters are human in American Horror Story

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Experience terror in Los Angeles and in the small town of Jupiter, Fla. as the popular FX show comes to life. Tour the infamous Murder House, a hot-spot for gruesome murders since 1922. Careful though, you may be the next unfortunate soul to be trapped between its haunted walls. Get your ticket to the Freak Show run by homicidal cast members while a killer clown runs loose. Sleep the night at Hotel Cortez, or maybe not, since this is where vampires and murderers pick their next victims.

2) Krampus is coming to town

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Santa Claus is no longer delivering coal for naughty children. Instead, Krampus is here to devour them. Like nothing seen before at Horror Nights, experience a sinister Christmas with half-goat, half-demon creatures lurking in a once cozy holiday home. And whatever happens, think twice about hiding in the blizzard coated forest. You wouldn’t want to run into blood-thirsty snowmen.

1) And the scariest maze award of 2016 goes to Freddy vs. Jason

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What happens when the kings of horror fight for the throne of fright? You run for your life. Become a citizen of Springwood, Ohio attempting to survive the nightmare that is this maze. Walk through Jason’s cabin in Crystal Lake and push past rotting human carcasses as you encounter Freddy and Jason in each corner. And remember: Don’t fall asleep.