My message: Don’t forget about K-12 education

Dear future president,

College has dominated the conversation on education this election cycle, and for understandable reasons. Costs are rising at a time when young adults struggle with student debt, while out-going high schoolers face a world where a bachelor’s degree is becoming a necessity. It is important to have these conversations.

But we can not have these conversations at the expense of k-12 education. It’s those critical years after all that will make sure students are prepared for college in the first place. I want my future president to understand that improving k-12 education is not a secondary concern. It is a priority.

We are in the midst of a teacher shortage that can not and will not get better should teacher morale remain low. Our country needs to know that a restrictive curriculum will harm the expressiveness of our teachers and leave them feeling hopeless.

I need to know that my president cares as much about the future as I do. I’m asking you to fight to make sure that education receives the funding it needs, and to hold states accountable for the education they administer.

An investment in the future is a sound one. For everyone’s sake, please.


Michael Meeks

California State University, Northridge

Los Angeles, Calif.