This Halloween season, Nickelodeon offers spooks and thrills for viewers of all ages. (Image by Isabel Ravenna)

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Nickelodeon casts a spell with double and triple-digit ratings

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Isabel Ravenna

October 19, 2023

In the world of kid-friendly thrills, Nickelodeon is turning up the excitement dial with a pair of spooky shows that are sending ratings through the roof. “Monster High 2” and “A Really Haunted Loud House” have left both kids and adults mesmerized, thanks to their supernatural charm.

Nickelodeon’s recently released films “A Really Haunted Loud House” and “Monster High 2” offer spooky stories to get viewers in the Halloween spirit. (Images courtesy of Nickelodeon)

“Monster High 2” made its grand entrance on October 5 at 7 p.m. ET/PT and immediately conquered the competition. Kids aged 2-11 and 6-11 across the nation couldn’t get enough, propelling this sequel to the top spot among all cable TV networks during its timeslot. With a 33% boost in kids 6-11 and a 25% increase in kids 2-11, it’s clear that “Monster High 2” has cast a powerful spell on young viewers.

The sequel wasn’t just content with shining on the same day it premiered. It reached double-digit ratings (a 22% rise) and share (an 86% spike) in Live + Same Day, outperforming its predecessor, “Monster High: The Movie,” according to ratings provided by Nickelodeon. The enchantment continued with double and triple-digit increases in Live +3. Kids 6-11 saw a whopping 125% increase, while Kids 2-11 posted an impressive 80% growth in Live +3.

“Monster High 2” didn’t stop at bewitching the kids; it reached a stunning 2.6 million total viewers across Nickelodeon platforms during its premiere weekend, including Nickelodeon, Nick At Nite, Nicktoons, and TeenNick. 

Meanwhile, “A Really Haunted Loud House” haunted our screens on September 28. This chilling adventure captured the imagination of Kids 2-11 with a phenomenal 100% increase in Live+3 compared to its Live + Same Day performance. Kids 6-11 weren’t far behind, experiencing a 67% spike. Additionally, the movie delighted a broader audience with a 40% growth in total viewers during Live +3.

“A Really Haunted Loud House” Director Jonathon Judge. (Photo courtesy of Nickelodeon)

Jonathon Judge, the director of “A Really Haunted Loud House,” said bringing the animated characters to life was challenging at first.

“It didn’t matter what the script was, but it mattered if we could find this cast that could bring all these amazing sisters, mom and dad to life,” Judge said.

He said the animated “Loud House” has a ton of heart.

“It’s a big, messy, family-show, grounded in a lot of real life,” Judge said. “So it was finding that balance of heightened reality but also heart, and things that every person in the family can relate to.”

Judge shared the process of integrating spooky elements to fit in the “Loud House.” 

“We wanted a lot of jump-scares, but we also wanted a lot of laughs,” he said. “It was finding that balance of how to create a jump-scare that makes you jump and then laugh afterwards. If you’re six, you can watch it, but if you’re 40, you can watch it and still enjoy it.”

The film’s spookiness took inspiration from classic horror tales.

“I’m a big ‘Frankenstein’ fan,” Judge said. “I love ‘Nosferatu,’ early ‘Dracula,’ but I would say the werewolf movies are always my favorite.”

What’s more, Judge shared on some memorable behind-the-scenes moments, such as the adrenaline-fueled, car-crushing action and the spectacular food fight that unfolded in classic Nickelodeon style.

With “Monster High 2” and “A Really Haunted Loud House,” Nickelodeon is the ultimate destination for spine-tingling yet entertaining content for kids and adults alike. If you’re in the mood for some eerie fun this Halloween, don’t miss these additions to the Nickelodeon lineup.