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Now watch me 2015: #YouTubeRewind 2015 reminds us of memorable memes and moments

Memorable scenes from this year's YouTube rewind. Photo courtesy of
Memorable scenes from this year’s YouTube rewind. Photo courtesy of

As 2015 comes to a close, we can only remember what has happened over the past year. In the entertainment world, YouTube has put together another rewind recapping the moments of 2015. It certainly delivers, and after watching the video once, I can only press the replay button once more. The memes, music, dancing, and YouTube personalities keep you in your seat until the very end.

The video begins with a dancing skeleton, who is revealed to be Lilly Singh, aka IISuperwomanII. She runs against a rainbow-colored backdrop, representing the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States, and jumps into a ball pit. Several other YouTubers are also in the ball pit, including Connor Franta and Rosanna Pansino. The song “Cheerleader” by OMI plays in the background as everyone cheerfully has a ball fight.

The camera then pans to a beach, where another group of YouTubers dance and play soccer. OMI himself makes a cameo playing the trumpet.

Why is this awesome? So far, the introduction to the rewind is upbeat and makes you want to join in on the fun!

Another scene is then shown with popular YouTuber duo PrankvsPrank. They perform moves that accompany the song “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” by Silentó. When they dance, they are wearing 1920-style outfits. As they keep dancing, their clothing changes and modernizes to the 1950s, 60s (oh goodness), and 80s. Eventually, when they are wearing present-day outfits, a group of people and them hold a red rewind button. One of the kids in the group presses the button, which causes the camera to pan again.

Why is this awesome? PrankvsPrank in wonky outfits somehow pull it off! In their 2015 outfits, they show that we should enjoy the present.

PrankvsPrank (girl in plaid shirt and boy in fedora) with a group of people about to hit the red rewind button. Photo courtesy of YouTube
PrankvsPrank (girl in plaid shirt and boy in fedora) with a group of people about to hit the red rewind button. Photo courtesy of YouTube.

The next scene shows two more skeletons dancing, who are revealed to be Yuya and HolaSoyGerman, two Latino YouTube personalities. They are dancing on a moving bus, while other Latino YouTubers are also dancing with their heads poking out the windows, and one of them is dressed as a shark from Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show. The song changes to an EDM hit “Lean On” by DJ Snake and Major Laser. The drivers of the bus are English talk show host James Corden, and hilarious YouTube personality Grace Helbig. They bop to “Lean On” and lip-sync the lyrics.

Why is this awesome? Not only do you want to wave your arms in the air, but this scene has non-American YouTubers (excluding Grace Helbig), which shows that YouTube is internationally loved.

Photos of Latino YouTubers filming the bus scene. They are having an incredibly fun time shooting! Photo courtesy of
Photos of Latino YouTubers filming the bus scene. They are having an incredibly fun time shooting! Photo courtesy of

We then see a man holding a sign saying, “Will you marry me? Day 365,” referring to the viral video 365 Day Proposal. Miranda Sings is actually watching him on an iPad, and after she finishes watching, we are in for a real treat. Sings, along with other YouTubers from around the world, parody Shia Labeouf’s “Just Do It” speech. They fiercely yell inspiring words to the viewer watching. Not only that, more non-American YouTubers yell out the “Just Do It” speech in different languages, including Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, and Hindi.

Why is this awesome? Not only does this scene make you break into laughter, but also you feel invigorated to accomplish their dreams if you take it literally.

After everyone yells, “Do It!” talk show host John Oliver, holding the red rewind button, yells, “Just hit Rewind! Hit It!” He then hits it, causing the viewers to blow away from him, and we then see a skeleton doing ballet, and it turns out to be YouTube gamer Markiplier. The following scenes pay homage to the horror video game, Five Nights at Freddy’s. The song also changes to the pop tune “Can’t Feel My Face” by the Weeknd. As Markiplier walks through a dark hall, he sees other gamers who appear zombie-like. He then meets with fellow gamer CaptainSparklez, who appears frightened. What they don’t know is that a large animatronic bear appears behind them. As they both turn around, they scream.

Why should you love this scene? If you look at past rewind videos, gamers, who are the most popular in the YouTube community, are excluded. Also, the Five Nights at Freddy’s scene gives viewers a creepy chill.

Markiplier (left) and CaptainSparklez (right) are about to get jump-scared by the bear behind them. Photo courtesy of YouTube.
Markiplier (left) and CaptainSparklez (right) are about to get jump-scared by the bear behind them. Photo courtesy of YouTube.

The animatronic bear then walks into another room containing a number of people, and a cage – the same cage that was used for Sia’s controversial music video “Elastic Heart.” In the cage are two groups of people: people dressed in black and blue, and people dressed in white and gold. That’s right folks; it’s the oh-so annoying dress. The two teams dance off and lip-sync to “Can’t Feel My Face”, trying to prove which team prevails. Popular YouTubers that appear are Timothy DeLaGhetto, Bethany Mota, iJustine, and Ricky Dillon. After showing off impressive moves, the black and blue team drop the mic, symbolizing that they are the winners of the battle as the dress in real life is black and blue.

Why is this scene memorable? Two controversial topics – “Elastic Heart” and the dress – why not mash them together? The result is a positive effect as there are flips, flashing lights, and pumped-up crowds.

The black and blue team hold the red rewind button, and one the members hits it. As a result, the camera pans again to another pair of skeletons. This time they are the Swedish gamer PewDiePie, who is the most subscribed YouTuber at 40 million, and beauty guru Zoella. PewDiePie and Zoella converse with each other about if they should “do it.” They agree, and Zoella sets a departure and arrival date, a time machine sort of, on a digital blackboard behind her. She sets the arrival date at February 14, 2005 – the day YouTube was born and welcomed into the world.

PewDiePie then hits the red rewind button, sending the viewer to watch a montage of popular videos, memes, and events that were viral. Scenes in the montage included the infamous “Friday” song by Rebecca Black, which shows her and Buzzfeed’s Try Guys in a car jamming together. Another scene, reenacted by amazingphil and danisnotonfire, is the 800 million-viewed video “Charlie Bit My Finger.” Rhett and Link appear in one scene with Judson Laipply, the star of one of the most classic viral videos, “Evolution of Dance,” dancing and grinning widely together in unison.

Why should you love this scene? The rewind pays homage to YouTube’s tenth anniversary by putting together classic videos that we have talked, commented, shared, and tweeted about. It’s like looking back into our childhood, remembering what YouTube has done for the world.

In the final scenes, we watch some of the faces from this video smile and have fun, replaying what has happened so far. The credits roll as “What Do You Mean” plays by Justin Bieber.

If you thought it was over and are about to click the “X” button, don’t! At the very end of the video, the beloved Fine Brothers are shown to have watched the YouTube Rewind video along with the viewers. A confused Benny, the one with glasses, exclaims why the creators of the video didn’t put PewDiePie in. Rafi, his brother, explains to him that PewDiePie was with Zoella. However, Benny continues to get confused and the video ends in laughter.

Why should you replay this scene? Is there any need for an explanation? This just shows that you should watch every video until the end. There might just be a sweet surprise!

So it’s your turn! Go ahead and watch the video below. Be sure to catch all 16 hidden annotations in the video for more exclusives! I am sure you will enjoy it!