Adobe Rush CC is Adobe's newest video editing software, available on for editing across several devices including iPhone, Mac and Windows. (Image courtesy of Adobe)

Review: Adobe’s latest video editing program Premiere Rush

Adobe’s latest video editing program Premiere Rush CC, is the best program on the market for on-the-go video editing.

Rush’s platform offers cross-device editing, allowing the user to begin a project on your iPhone, save it to the Adobe cloud, and edit it on another device like your computer. It’s compatible with Mac and Windows, but for mobile, it’s only available on iPhone and iPad for now, but is expected to be available for Android soon. This ability to edit across multiple platforms

Adobe’s most advanced video editing program is Premiere Pro, but the only Adobe video editing programs available for mobile in the past have been Adobe Premiere Clip, with a few very basic features only designed for trimming video clips. Rush has several more advanced features, similar to the way iMovie functions. Rush allows the user to stack layers, layering b-roll or overlay footage over one track of video — something many other mobile video editing programs do not have.

Rush also allows the user to record on your phone’s camera directly in the app and control different camera settings. While it lacks several functions that Premiere Pro has, you can still export videos from Rush into Premiere to make final edits such as copy and pasting effects across the video.

One thing to note if you’re editing on your iPhone on a limited data plan, your files will transfer to the Adobe cloud over the internet, so you might want to make sure you’re on wifi when that happens.

Rush allows you to create your video in any format — portrait, landscape, or square, making it a great program for editing social media content. It’s also available for a free starter plan that allows three exports, 2GB of cloud storage, access to Adobe Fonts and the Adobe Portfolio. Access to Adobe Rush comes with the Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Creative Cloud all apps plan as well.


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