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Share your story: Student Press Freedom

We’re calling on student journalists everywhere to share stories about the critical role that student media plays in covering our communities and the need to protect student newsrooms!

HS Insider and PBS SoCal | KCET are working together to collect and amplify your stories about Student Press Freedom. Here’s what you need to know:

Deadline: Ongoing

Story guidelines:
Your story should somehow convey the importance of student press freedom. How you do that is up to you! Submit a written piece, produce a video or podcast — whatever will best tell the story.

Here are some ideas: 

  • Write an Op-Ed or editorial on the importance of student press freedom
  • Pursue a feature story about a student whose reporting has made an impact on you, your school or your community (your community can mean many things: your school, your neighborhood, the city you live, or a group you identify with)
  • Produce a video documenting what a day in the life of a student reporter is like
  • Write a personal narrative about a story you’re proud to have published
  • Produce an audio or video story about the value student journalism brings to your community
We can support you!
Come to our virtual Open House where you can drop by to talk about your story idea and get advice or feedback. Join us Monday, March 8 from 4-5 p.m. Can’t make it to the open house? No worries! Talk to us on your schedule by signing up for office hours with Team HS Insider. Sign up for either here.
Narrow your focus. When you have a narrow angle for your story, it is easier to investigate and report.
Interview. A quality story needs at least 2-3 credible sources that each illustrate a different perspective on the topic at hand.
Think about art. Take photos to use as featured images. Snap photos when you conduct interviews, create art and infographics that illustrate key information or tell your story through video.
Short videos. Videos should be about 1 minute long, with a 100 word introduction or description. Here is a helpful tutorial on how to record a video diary on your phone. And, make sure to think about your B-roll.

Submit your idea, draft or story below or click the link here!