‘This is America’ — from an Unapologetic Childish Gambino

Only days ago, well known and loved artist Donald Glover, better known as Childish Gambino, released a song that has everybody losing their minds.

No, though his music is notoriously some of the most quality and bizarre produced in this day and age, the commotion it’s causing is not because of its unusual backtrack.

In the music video, Glover beautifully illustrates how America views gun violence and bluntly shows his view on the NRA as a whole. With the current influx of protesters and those who oppose the lack of gun laws, this music video has only excited people further. After a little over 72 hours, people all across the nation (and beyond) are raving about this hit and it’s causing a louder uproar in the number of people who oppose gun violence in general.

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YouTube: This is America — Childish Gambino

Glover is unapologetic as he performs his usual bizarre dances and then without warning picks up a machine gun and shoots a choir that is seated behind him while yelling, “This is America!”

Throughout the video, he shoots seemingly happy and peaceful people while chanting this same phrase. He even creates visual commentary on police brutality with the blue and red lights of a cop car shown flashing across the screen while he shoots the innocent people.

He is using his large following and social standing to point out what we can reform in society and to enforce change. This is more of a rarity in celebrities, as many people are very passionate regarding their political views and the celebrities fear of losing their following if they make their thoughts known.

Instead, these feeble people that we still manage to look up to stay silent about their ideas and commentary while people like Childish Gambino are out here in the industry unapologetically speaking their truth.