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U.S. Resembles Historical Fascist Governments

Over the past year, the United States began reflecting the qualities of historically fascist governments. The United States is not necessarily fascist, but the U.S. is showing some unsettling qualities.

Recently, President Trump declared that he wanted to have a military parade during July 4. Trump wanted the parade because of the one he had seen in France for Bastille Day. Back in fascist Nazi Germany, Hitler also held parades with his soldiers to show off his power. Besides the fact that a military parade comes off as fascist, it also is a big waste of money.  

Fascist governments and countries tend to focus on their military. An example would be Benito Mussolini in Italy; he had invested a ton of money and time into his military. In comparison, America uses the military as a sign of the U.S.’s power. In 2017, according to the New York Times, there was a “Proposal to increase military spending by $54 billion.” As for 2018, the military now has a budget of $700 billion.

In a typical fascist government, one is expected to agree with all the ideas of the leader. In essence, if one did not believe the Fascist leader was correct, you were “fake news.” Does this sound familiar? Multiple news sources have recently been deemed as “fake news” because they did not agree with some of President Trump’s opinions on, well… most ideas. An example would be the Trump called CNN fake news.

From 1939 to 1975 Spain was in a period called Francoist Spain. This refers to the time period when Spain was fascist. In Nov. of 1942 Spain realized that Germany was bringing hostilities closer, thus prompting Francisco Franco, Fascist leader, to guard and patrol the borders. This relates to now with our President trying to have a wall built to “protect” us from Mexico.

Back in Nazi Germany, HItler thought that everyone should be of the same race, belief and religion. Back in the United States, white supremacy groups thrive. Just in 2017 murders by  white supremacy have doubled! According to the Washington Post, President Trump has even tried to say that “Both sides were to blame” in the Charlottesville tragedy.

Among the unsettling features of the United States, one can find multiple great aspects. In ways the U.S. is one of the most technologically and medically advanced nations. One is lucky to live in the U.S., for it is a free country where one can find rights not found in other countries.

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