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Unearthing the Enchantment: A peek into the spooky world of ‘Monster High’ and its upcoming sequel

Step into the eerie corridors of "Monster High 2" with Director Todd Holland and Executive Producer Adam Bonnett.
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Isabel Ravenna

October 17, 2023

In a realm where perpetual school days coincide with an array of enchanting monsters parading their individuality, “Monster High” maintains an unyielding grip on the hearts of fans spanning generations.

Embarking on an enthralling journey behind the scenes, this feature offers an exclusive glimpse into the eerie and captivating realm of “Monster High.” Readers are cordially invited to explore the unearthly narratives as narrated by the gifted voice actresses Gabrielle Nevaeh Green and Courtney Lin, whose vocal talents bring Clawdeen and Draculaura to life in the beloved animated series. Moreover, it unveils the cryptic depths of insight from the architects of the forthcoming live-action sequel, “Monster High 2,” with illuminating discussions with director Todd Holland and executive producer Adam Bonnett.

Through their distinctive perspectives and unearthly experiences, this exploration promises an extraordinary treat for all enthusiasts of the “Monster High” universe. “Monster High” fans have been waiting with bated breath for the new episodes, and the anticipation is running high.

Gabrielle Nevaeh Green, who voices Clawdeen, expressed her excitement about what’s to come. 

“I’m really excited. The first half of the season was really well-received by the audiences,” Green said. “I’m really excited for people to see the new episodes and see the new bonds and new characters and all the new adventures that we’re going to have in the second half.”

Courtney Lin, the voice actress behind Draculaura, added to the excitement.

“We are going to be introduced to so many new characters, and I personally am obsessed with the character designs that have been released so far,” Lin said. “So I’m just really looking forward to seeing what amazing fashion is coming out.”

But it’s not all glitz and glamor in the voice-over world. Both Green and Lin shared some entertaining behind-the-scenes anecdotes. Green recounted recording during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Claudine is part werewolf, so I was recording in my closet because the closet provides great insulation for voiceover,” Green said. “I was howling over and over again, and my dog was getting so irritated. He was barking and howling and scratching to get in. So, yeah, controlling my dog while howling was definitely an interesting behind-the-scenes moment.”

As for Draculaura, Lin said they experimented with “a bunch” of bat noises.

“I was like, ‘What noise do bats make?’ And I guess they sort of did this lip echolocation thing,” Lin said. “So we experimented with a lot of different weird bat sounds. I don’t own a bat, so no bats were going crazy in my house. But I thought that was really fun.”

One of the unique challenges of voice acting in Monster High is bringing to life half-monster, half-human characters. Green shared her approach for Clawdeen, who is a half-human, half-werewolf.

“It was kind of an easier process for me because I didn’t really feel the need to put on a monstrous voice or make my voice sound different. In my mind, a werewolf would sound pretty human because they are part human. So, that was just my thought process with Clawdeen’s voice — use my own voice and my own personality and marry that with the character.”

Lin chimed in, saying, “Draculaura’s voice is basically my voice after a couple of cups of coffee. I really identified with a lot of her quirks and characteristics, so I didn’t have to reach too far for her voice. But the most fun thing about VoiceOver is getting to do all those sounds and efforts and exploring those types of things. And also, exploring the way Draculaura casts spells in certain moments was really fun to play with.”

Monster High is renowned for its unique fashion sense, and each character has their signature style. Green described Clawdeen’s style in three words: “Royalty, comfortable, and swaggy.” Lin shared her thoughts on Draculaura’s style: “Girly, Gothic, and a little Harajuku.”

When considering what their characters would do for a girls’ night out, the actresses envisioned some sweet scenarios.

Green said, “Step one, get some boba milk tea,” and Lin added, “I think they would try and do each other’s hair. I really think that Claudine would try to give Draculaura edges. I really think that Claudine would introduce Draculaura to a bonnet and a silk scarf.”

Both actresses found qualities in their characters that they personally relate to.

“Claudine has a really huge heart, and I feel like I have a pretty decent-sized heart as well,” Green said. “She’s really determined to stick with her friends. If something goes down, she’s always on her friend’s side, she always sticks up for them. That’s something that I really relate to because I value loyalty.”

Lin shared some of Draculaura’s traits and how she relates to them.

“Draculaura always loves to be helpful to her friends, and I think that’s a really great quality,” Lin said. “I feel like I’m very helpful to my friends in every way that I can be. In terms of things she’s got to work on, I think she sometimes gets a little caught up in trying to be too perfect. That’s something that I personally have struggled with in a lot of parts of my life. So, just sort of seeing Draculaura’s journey reflected in my own journey is really beautiful.”

When asked about their favorite catch phrases or lines, Green said “Claw-awesome” or “her signature howl.” Lin said her favorite Draculaura catch phrase is the infamous “fang-tastic.”

“She’s an influencer on Eek-Talk, and she loves to tell everybody that fact,” Lin said.

If these “Monster High” actresses could explore the “Monster High” world, Green said she’d choose Claudine’s dorm.

“[Claudine’s dorm] just sounds like a nice place to be and feel safe in the monster realm,” Green said. She’s got all these cool snacks and all this stuff, so I’d like to just check that out.”

Lin, however, wanted to dive into the school itself.

“I would love to explore Monster High,” Lin said. “I think it would be really cool to just see what classes they’re taking and the different types of things that are involved in being a student there. They have ‘haunted nomics’ class, which I think is really interesting.”

“Monster High” is known for its inclusive and accepting themes. Green and Lin both highlighted themes of acceptance and unity.

“I would love for fans to take away the message of ‘love others,’ and ‘be open to new experiences and different perspectives,” Green said. “The more different perspectives you have in your life, the more you learn.”

Lin emphasized the importance of having a supportive, loving community.

“I think also the community aspect of it is really big.” Lin said. “It’s really important to have people that love and support you. And the girls really support each other in this. And that’s something I think is really important in our world as well.”

In the eerie corridors of “Monster High,” a beloved franchise is poised to cast its spell once more, rekindling the enchantment of fans of all ages.

“Monster High,” renowned for its imaginative blend of the supernatural and the everyday, has conjured up an eagerly awaited sequel that promises more mysteries, fashion-forward creatures, and above all, empowering life lessons. The creative masterminds at the helm of “Monster High 2,” director Todd Holland and executive producer Adam Bonnett, share insights into the magic that keeps the Monster High universe pulsating with life and the captivating sequel that awaits its dedicated following.

Director Todd Holland explained his motivation for directing “Monster High 2.”

“I was drawn to ‘Monster High 2’ because of its fantastic storytelling and the unique, empowering message it brings to audiences,” Holland said. “It’s so important for me to be a part of projects that inspire young viewers and offer valuable life lessons.”

“Monster High” is more than just an animated series; it’s a cultural phenomenon that has shaped a generation. Executive Producer Adam Bonnett talked about the impact of the franchise.

“Monster High represents a universe where differences are not only celebrated but also woven into the very fabric of the story.” Bonnett said. “It’s a place where individuality and diversity are at the forefront, which sends a powerful message to audiences. This is what makes Monster High truly special.”

As for “Monster High 2,” Holland teased, “Fans can expect an exciting journey filled with magical creatures, intriguing mysteries, and themes of friendship and unity. We’re diving deeper into the lore of Monster High, exploring new characters and bringing back the beloved ones. It’s going to be a thrilling adventure that builds on the legacy of this incredible franchise.”

As “Monster High” embraces a new chapter, it’s clear that the series holds a special place in the hearts of fans young and old. Monster High’s powerful message of acceptance, friendship, and self-expression continues to captivate audiences worldwide. The release of “Monster High 2” on Nickelodeon promises to breathe new life into this iconic universe, leaving a legacy of empowerment and togetherness.

As “Monster High” returns to our screens, both in the animated series and the upcoming movie, fans can look forward to another spooktacular adventure filled with stylish characters, important life lessons, and a world where uniqueness is celebrated. Monster High isn’t just a show; it’s a celebration of what makes each of us unique and a reminder that the world is a better place when we embrace our differences and stand together.