Varsity girls’ soccer pre-season kick off


“Practice makes perfect.”

A familiar saying amongst all athletes, but Bishop Montgomery’s Varsity Girls’ Soccer takes those few precious words to heart. They have trained endlessly in these last few days of their pre-season with a passionate goal to win CIF this year, which is earning the beloved banner held with high-regard in the gymnasium. During this time, captains Tessa Allen ’15 and Natalie Di’Angelo ’15, both with scholarships to play soccer in college, have structured the team. Coach Martin Haynes believes “senior leadership makes the difference [to a good year].”

Although the players are new to each other, Allen knows her teammates will still work well together with “good on the field chemistry.” However, on-field chemistry is not their only necessity, the chemistry found off the field and comradery of the team, allows for strong games. This was seen with the Pirate Cup Tournament, where the Knights took home the first place prize. As a responsibility bestowed upon the seniors, they act as role models to nurture young players who are eager to learn.

The tournament played during the winter break gave the team a chance to practice their skills with each other before the serious games of the season begin. The girls had no goals scored against them, thanks to their goalie, Gillian Miles ’16, giving them the confidence they need to strongly start the season.

The Lady Knights now prepare to defeat their competitors in the Del Rey League starting on January 13 against St. Joseph’s High School. The girls hope to work their way up and take home the name of CIF Champions. 

-Emily Blair (photographed by Libby Hadnett)