Varsity girls’ soccer vs. St. Joseph’s


As the junior varsity team finishes their game and 5PM rolls around, the nerves of the girls’ varsity team began to grow. Cleats laced and shin guards strapped as the Knights took on the CIF-winning-team, St. Joseph’s, on the January 13.  

Although losing a close game of 2-1 into ten minute overtime, the girls dominated the first half of the game. Tessa Allen ‘15 scored the leading goal with an assist from Natalie Di’Angelo ‘15 that sent the game into overtime. Defense became a crucial aspect to the game as their star goalie, Gillian Miles ’16, and key defense players like Kira Iwai ’15, saved many goals.

The game, however, was frustrating. It tested the girls in new ways that will push them to work harder, in hoping, to eventually overcome the mental toughness of defeating “people [who] are winners [and] know how to win,” according to coach Martin Hayes. Megan Martis ‘16 and Krystine Bernas ’16 both recall the intense atmosphere both on the field and off with the opposing crowd screaming in the stands. Being an extremely physical and competitive game, there was a yellow card and an unfortunate concussion.

Despite the harsh cold air of the night, and the frantic feelings among the players, there were triumphs. In comparison to the harsh victory last year of St. Joseph’s against the Knights, the girls showed remarkable improvement by keeping the score close, outplaying them, and pushing into overtime. Learning from this game, they prepare to get back into their rhythm and connect their passes to improve the team chemistry. 

-Emily Blair