We seniors have a voice

Seniors have a voice toward graduation. Carson Senior High Graduations has usually been at the Stubhub Center. As grad year comes in 2018, our graduation will be held at Carson High on the football field. Now at this moment, not everyone is too happy about this situation toward this event. Seniors this year wanted to have the feeling of a lifetime coming out of a tunnel and walking on stage. Being a senior myself at Carson, I’d wish they didn’t stop the graduation from being at the Stubhub Center, but another point of view is looking at our graduation being at the school where we’ve worked hard for 4 years. Senior counsel, has announced on November 17 in the gym during advisory the reasoning for this change.

“Graduation is at Carson High because of the increase pricing of the Stubhub of their venue from 12,000 to 17,000 dollars which is 5,000 dollars more from last year”,  CHS President Senior Counsel Michael Dimatulac said.

Toward this venue event the senior dues can increase in price dramatically and if we do meet their agenda they will continue to raise their prices in the future. Senior counsel has tried different locations like El Camino and Harbor College, but it still would be too expensive. It wouldn’t feel the same and fair to us, class of 2018, who wants to cherish this moment.

AEE Senior Taylor Varner states, “I wouldn’t want to personally graduate at the school because it wouldn’t make me feel special. Why would I want to graduate at a place I’ve been trying to get out of 4 years….It just doesn’t feel like a real goal.”   

It’s true, why would you want us to graduate at the school where we come  to every morning, wouldn’t you rather see us happy accomplishing our goal of making it, at the StubHub where our families will cheer for us. That seems like a real goal.

PAMA Senior Nayeli Quiroz says, “Graduating at Carson I think is an okay idea because we have spent our 4 years here so it would make sense to be walking the stage here at Carson, but I did get my hopes of graduating at the Stubhub center. One reason is being able to invite up to 10 family members due to the space and excitement of it.”

Looking at the bigger picture when you go to our graduation at Carson High, just think of how many families will be there to come celebrate think of the limited space were going to have. That means we’re going to have less tickets to give to our family members.

AMA Senior Josilyn Meza states, “Personally I would much rather have it at the Stubhub center because it’s much bigger, with a good sound system, convenient parking space, and I feel it captivates the graduation vibe, in a sense we would be able to commemorate this special moment at the place where it all started.”

All of these Seniors have a point of view toward their statements. Having it at the Stubhub would be nice because of it being a bigger place with a high volume speaker system. At carson our speakers aren’t that high like the Stubhub Center. At the Stubhub there’s a lot of parking too, at Carson High the families would have to park on Main Street and Dolores which would make it very packed. At the end of the day, us seniors want to have a voice toward our graduation vibe and being acknowledged it’s finally the end of our goal and now on to the next journey.    

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