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Opinion: Social media is a false reality

Social media has plenty of different platforms. Users worldwide often use social media as a way for interacting and connecting with others. Social media has a big role in people’s lives as generations tend to live more digitally. However in society there are many issues and negative outcomes rooted from social media.

Due to how easily accessible creating an account is on social platforms. It leads to any and everyone to have access to an account, meaning what’s being shared, uploaded, and viewed all happens in a matter of seconds. This fast way of reaching to others causes misinformation, hate, unrealistic beauty standards, and a false sense of reality to be consumed daily. Which all takes a toll on a person. 

On social media there’s a certain image to upkeep which is to show the “perfect” side of one’s life and portray a certain beauty standard. People with a big following hold in highest regard to obtain this image because mostly they are known as being an influencer. Influencers have more people going to their accounts consuming the “perfectionism” shown. It leaves many to compare themselves to something unattainable realistically and superficial. Being influenced and having an impression on how there’s a need to hold a certain image is what’s being advertised to a large following.

Influencers are profiting off people’s insecurities and their wants to have a life as they show. With what they profit for it’s from a certain beauty standard. Influencers are aware of the audience they interact with. Knowing when they promote products they are not only convincing people to spend their money on useless products but making money off it the same time. The Kardashians have big platforms in which they have advertised many questionable products.

A 2020 Elle article “The Most Controversial Products The Kardashian-Jenners Have Promoted,” explains all products which are targeted in appearances. Some include a waist trainer, which health professionals recommend this practice because it’s considered unhealthy. Not only waist trainers, but also dieting milkshakes, smoothies, teas and even lollipops have been advertised.

With social media it pressures impressionable people that they need these products in order to look like those who fit into beauty standards.

Proactiv was a product placement at first, as Kris Jenner wrote in a 2019 tweet, “I’m so proud of my darling @KendallJenner for being so brave and vulnerable. Seeing you share her most raw story in order to make a positive impact for so many people and help foster a positive dialogue is a testament to the incredible woman you’ve become.” 

Then revealed to be nothing but a money grab. Kylie Cosmetics was a marketing strategy to promote a lip liner off what’s only achievable with filler. It’s very damaging to someone to see what’s most “wanted” disregarding themselves because they feel the need to reach beauty standards.  

Hate is inevitable being on social platforms however it’s not morally right. To criticize and send hate to others especially because it’s being sent to someone they don’t know personally. People like to bandwagon on hate and go out of their way to put unnecessary comments leaving a negative environment created digitally.

Those who are on social media may not know who they’re following personally. They don’t know what goes on in their life, how they are, and what’s behind closed doors. Nor are obligated to know. Spreading hate and negativity can be in many ways. By putting out misinformation to ruin something because of bandwagoning and being easily influenced.

Comments that point out someone’s appearance based solely on what they see. Trolling by doing it to be cruel. People are the cause of dividing others. Cancel culture creates less accountability and more hostility.

If there needs to be a reason for holding one responsible and further educate them on their actions. It should not be done in a way that cancels them and harasses them where they’re “done.” It leaves the impression that the issue and future education needed would never be taken but instead must attack the person.

Rather than the wrong issue that’s harmful and needs change. The energy it takes to cancel someone is not the same energy reciprocated for actual change.

The need and use for social media is quite arguable and problematic. As it affects people and their lives. Life is more meaningful in all moments. Then being surrounded by a fake reality. That lacks human decency.

Although living in a digital time real connections to the world around happen right in front of one in the present. Which does not rely on social platforms and the negative load from it.