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Book review: ‘Yes Please’ by Amy Poehler

“Saturday Night Live” veteran and “Parks and Recreation” star Amy Poehler shares entertaining stories about tipping waitresses, time-traveling, preventing a hostile takeover by cell phones, “getting pudding,” and living life to the fullest, even though everyone is always watching, in a candid memoir chock-full of humor and life lessons in “Yes Please.”

With chapters titled “Obligatory Drug Stories, or Lessons I Learned on Mushrooms,” “The Robots Will Kills Us All,” and “Treat Your Career Like A Bad Boyfriend,” the comedienne explores ambivalence, insecurity, and Hollywood with wit, simplicity, and hilarity.

“Yes Please,” her debut effort, confirms what we already know– Poehler is a rare, kindhearted, and unsurprisingly wise comic, and in it, she offers a unique and winning worldview through colorful illustrations that reassure “Nothing Is Anyone’s Business” and “Everybody Is Scared Most of The Time.” She affectionately and candidly opens a door into her “sheltered” adolescence, frequent use of drugs, and difficult road to fame, but despite the grueling conditions of her early life and the rocky divorce of her forties, “Yes Please” is devoid of angst, regret, and shame; instead, it is a light, heartfelt, and sincere read that is full of confidence and gusto.

Heartwarming, inspiring and electric, Poehler speaks to you like an old friend, shoving the bitter truth down your throat without hesitation, and you can’t help wishing she was.

Poehler, the blonde slap of reality we all need, has created an intoxicating concoction of comedy, advice, and vicarious thrills. Without an iota of doubt, “Yes Please” deserves every bit of its praise, and surely, readers will feel the same.

The Verdict​: Uncensored, unapologetic, and unforgettable, “Yes Please” surpasses all expectations and reminds us all why we love Amy Poehler to the moon and back.