Tariq Stone is a senior at Inglewood High School. (Photo courtesy of Tariq Stone)
Inglewood High School

Message to my next president: We need to realize the difference between fact and fiction

Dear future president,

Before you take office, you should know the danger of political polarization. Though it’s been happening since the dawn of leadership, I think it’s more prominent now than ever.

President Donald Trump is an excellent example of what I’m talking about — in the COVID-19 pandemic, anti-maskers have become synonymous with Trump supporters. Trump has downplayed the danger of COVID-19, so many who support him view “maskers” as Democrats, simply because Trump is a Republican who has shown disdain for masks. Attaching politics to COVID-19 has led to the politicization of possible life or death

Instead of forming their own opinions, some people chose to follow the perspectives of those they idolize and refuse any other views. It is serious when making societal issues into political issues, such as the virus.

It stops an understanding between people because one or both sides are close-minded, and they don’t waver from the side they chose. This “with or against me” narrative has affected news sources as well. It is not a priority to be unbiased, only to cater to your audience.

Dear president, please consider this: People are more than their politics, and to amalgamate politics with everyday life is just a distraction from the bigger picture. Be open-minded, even if you disagree with someone. Putting them down won’t make them see your side, they’ll get defensive. Furthermore, you shouldn’t fuel conspiracy theories — you have influence, and people listen to you. Make sure you are being as factual as possible and listening to the experts.

Whether you’re Republican or Democrat, remember the other party exists because people believe in it. Don’t vilify someone because of their political stance. Remember, we are the United States, unified under the banner of the red, white and blue flag. We’re all in this together.



Tariq Stone

Inglewood High School