(Raquel Aparicio / For The Times)
International School of Düsseldorf

Opinion: Falling in love in a world of chaos that’s craving resilience

I love you.” “I am in love with you.” “I love this” or “love hurts.” Terms, we’ve frequently heard or said in our continuous cycle of life. Love, a word that seemingly has lost all its value in today’s society, is carelessly thrown around.

“Love” has negligently been used ever since Romeo and Juliet killed themselves over a romance that took the better part of a long weekend. I myself have taken the word love for granted, mistaking a slight display of affection for what I believed to be love.

The dilemma is, humans often depreciate love and only come to understand the value of someone once they are gone, filling the void left behind.

What if love is more frequent than we think? What if we actually do love people and just have yet to realize this as they remain in our train of life?

For us to truly understand love, we must first learn to express our gratitude.

Personally, I feel the most heartfelt expression of love is not something that is beneficial nor convenient to the person expressing it. It is when one loves a person so intensely and profoundly that they start taking priority over others, sometimes even themselves.

Love is a song that rushes through your whole body and mind — a poem one feels so deeply and passionately. It’s a romantic salsa under the constellation of stars where you and your partner match feet and step along another and smile looking at each other, thinking that this love will exceed a lifetime. 

On the contrary, love entails an end — an end that is unprecedented and horrific. Loving is hard, particularly when the one you love departs from your life, never to return.

Now you need to be decisive: will you let love consume you to the very root of your soul or will you preserve it and spread it like a dandelion’s seeds? Do not let yourself wither away, but rather preserve and resurrect your passion for humanity through sharing love once again.

Through perseverance, one can achieve triumph. Love will never die. Love can be given out, not only once, not only twice, but as much as you desire to keep replenishing your tank of love. If one love does not serve, life will direct you to opportunities to further give out love, share growth and engage in new experiences. This love may end, or last eternally; never leave your tank of love empty.

How long are you willing to wait on the train of love?