A note handwritten in cursive.

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Opinion: It’s time to bring back the lost art of letter writing

Hand written letters offer a more loving touch of sending messages.
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Berk Sievers

December 2, 2021
It is estimated that the average American checks their phone 96 times a day — that’s once every 10 minutes.

Despite mobile phones’ centrality to modern life, the art of letter writing ought to be reintroduced and seized upon. Handwritten letters. A simple but enchanting gesture of communication utilized in “the old days.” Sadly, today’s society blatantly chooses to disregard the use of letters and would rather text. Letter writing is a dying art — considering the vogue and innovative edge of present-day communication techniques over traditional methods. 

Yes, letter writing may be a tedious task, yet it’s a wonderful gesture for the recipient. Frankly, letter writing provokes thoughtfulness and reflectiveness to decide how one wants to open up or send the message. Handwritten letters remain a personal artifact that usually blossoms into an appreciative, highly cherished memory.

People comprehend the effort and work that goes into composing letters and they will always be more appreciated than emails or texts. If it’s a love letter, a fellowship letter, or a get-well-soon letter, letters are out of the ordinary and will forever be kept and remembered.

Not only can you write someone you care about a wonderful letter, but also stick in a photograph or a tissue covered in your perfume. There are many ways we can show our affection and love for family and friends — letters one can reread over and over again — with text that’s not possible.

In today’s chaotic world it is vital for humanity to communicate on a more intimate level. One way to do that is by grabbing yourself a pen and paper, deciding who you want to write to, writing, bringing it to the post office and mailing it.

A heartwarming letter can go a long way. Try it the classic way!