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Opinion: My thoughts on the hate comments toward Zhu Yi

Eileen Gu's consistent support of Yi is important.
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Elisa Zu0

February 16, 2022
U.S.-born superstar skier Eileen Gu is competing for China at the Beijing Olympics and won a gold medal in the women’s big air freestyle skiing competition. Gu mentioned she saw positive messages on a Chinese social media site, a day after negative comments toward Chinese figure skater Zhu Yi.

Gu has been outspoken about the hate pushed on Yi’s shoulder.

As someone who actually uses Chinese social platforms, I’m going to say right here that over 90% of comments are positive and uplifting,” she said on Instagram. “It’s part of the sport and everyone understands that!”

Users on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like platform, were quick to show a screenshot and share her comment, thanking her for “telling the truth.” 

Gu met Yi in this year’s Winter Olympics, saying Yi is a kind person for her to know. On Feb. 8, Gu offered more support to Yi, telling reporters: “I think she is amazing. Anyone who can make it to the Olympic Winter Games is already amazing…. Of course, everybody wants her to get good results, but she especially wanted to get good results for herself. That’s why I hope people can try and understand her situation better. I think she’s done her best.

After Insider posted this so-called “hated tweet” and after Gu gave her hand to Yi, I thought that I am also an 18-year-old student, could I do something to stop the hate toward Yi?

I pretty much agreed with what Gu said, so I posted my own Instagram comment below hers:

”As Eileen actually just posted couple hours ago, 90% of comments are positive and uplifting. It’s okay for lossing. Everyone have sometimes when they really don’t doing great at all. In fact, even the top medal athelete lose sometimes. I only wanted to said to be in olympics, she is already in a high level. You know how tired the athelete are on the back of all these performaces. They practice for olympics for a long period of time. She is not falling in her Olympic debut, in fact she is shining as ever. I’m a high school insider and I wanted to said you need to see how hard she works for this competition before you really send a commend like this to the world.”

I posted this because I know m cross country running in Luxemburg how hard it is for an athlete to compete and handle their stress while getting pretty good results. As Gu said, being in a competition is already amazing.

I know personally that doing something with enjoyment and spirit is more important than the final result. Yi is that kind of person.

I also pay attention to the fact that Gu and other winter Olympic participants have been so courageous, full of dignity and respect. When I saw some comments that really criticized her spirit and her sportsmanship, I was disappointed by the fact that in today’s society, some people still live with their eyes closed.

It’s not about language, it’s about being open-minded.

I’m thankful for the fact that data shows most of us are supporting Yi and there’s me, Gu, China and many others supporting her and her future.

Together for a shared future.

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