International School of Los Angeles

A summer in Spain… ¡Vamos!

Unlike all of my friends, once school is over, I don’t head over to go see family in different states or countries. To be honest, my summers usually end up quite boring, with me staying home and trying to do summer homework over the next couple of months.

But this year, I decided to be different. I jumped out of my comfort zone, and my friend and I both decided to apply to a summer school program in Barcelona for a month! Essentially the program offers a really college like vibe; I’m going to sleep in a dorm with my friend, and we both have a major and minor class (my major being Global Medicine, my minor being Psychology).

Saying I’m excited is really an understatement. In two weeks, I’ll be out of L.A. for an entire month; it’s really overwhelming for me because the longest I have left home is two weeks (and with my parents). This time it’s four weeks, no parents.

I’ve got to say I’m really excited though because I feel like this experience can definitely encourage me to understand what college is like but also learn to be an independent person.

I can’t wait to share my experience with all of you, and maybe that will encourage you all to try new things, no matter how spontaneous they may be.