International School of Los Angeles

Enjoy a race while dining at the Clockers’ Corner


Have you ever woken up on a weekend morning feeling the need to satisfy your empty stomach’s desperate calls, or have you simply been craving the basic all-American breakfast you just can’t beat?



Clockers’ Corner is truly a hidden jewel of Los Angeles. It is the perfect place to enjoy a simple but scrumptious breakfast or brunch in a highly accessible and cozy setting. The menu may look limited in size but do not let that hamper your intentions. The 11 choices are just varied enough to satisfy any customer, but accessible enough to enable the morning experience to continue on to the breakfast with the ability to make no-brainer decisions.

Classics such as incredibly soft buttermilk pancakes and freshly made omelettes are available. However, other more exquisite possibilities such as “huevos rancheros” and the “Bob Baffert” give the menu its own unique Clockers’ Corner feeling.


Whether the sun is shining or the sky looks gloomy, you will feel at home when savoring a warm and delightful meal on this wonderful terrace located on the border of the Santa Anita Park race track. Oh and did I forget to mention you can enjoy your brunch while watching the racers speed by? You will be so close you’ll be able to see the flecks of dirt flying gracefully off of the talented race horses.

If you’re really feeling up to it then go ahead and place your bets for a not-so-unlikely chance to win. A hundred percent chance that is because any chance to eat at Clockers’ Corner is an automatic win.

Free parking and low-meal prices make it really worth it to get out of bed to try out this delightful and veritable breath of fresh air. So swing by and grab a bite to eat at Clockers’ Corner in at the Santa Anita race track!