Feel like you’re in Paris at Lou: The French on the Block

Want to feel like you are in a little French pastry shop? Lou: The French on the Block offers just that.

The little tables outside on the sidewalk make you feel as you’re walking along a sidewalk in Paris with people sipping their coffee and reading the newspaper. You are encircled by the French culture.

Once you step inside, you may have your first French lesson with some simple sentences that
you can use to order. There is a little chalk board with a translation of a sentence from French to English that can be as simple as “I would like a tart.” This makes the whole experience more fun, lucrative and has a cultural purpose.


The coffee, pastries, and sandwiches are all homemade, and are the best way to gain five pounds in a week. Whether it is the  “chouquettes,” which are completely addictive or the very smooth coffee, there is no wrong  choice to what you can order. If you are craving a chocolate explosion the eclair is the choice for you; however, if you want something a little smaller and healthier, the wide-variety of fruit tarts are endless.

It’s a multi-purpose store, you can stop by in the morning and grab a coffee as well as your lunch and go or you can come after work or after school and enjoy some fresh pastries sitting down at a small round table while enjoying the people passing by. Moreover, the price for what you are getting is unbelievable, very inexpensive compared to any other shop around

It is safe to say that if you want to try something new or just want to change-up your daily routine a bit, you should stop by. You can stay as long as you want or be in and out in less than a minute. You can go there for a meal, a drink or even just a snack, what makes it worth it is that it is something different!

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