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Ladurée comes to Los Angeles



What’s more cliché for a French high school girl than being thrilled about the news of a Ladurée restaurant opening in Los Angeles?

Well two places opening obviously!

In a few months, The Grove and then Beverly Hills will be welcoming this iconic store and restaurant, with an international renommee.

Ladurée is well-known in France for the delicious macaroons made with a lot of delightful flavors to taste. I especially recommend the “petale de rose” or the “fleur d’oranger” if you want to have a fresh and new experience. If you want to keep it classy, you can try the chocolate or the coffee, it’s always a solid bet. Any choice you make will be a fancy-and-never-disappointing one anyways.

The place is very cozy, with light turquoise and baby pink decoration, a Parisian tea room was originally entrusted to Jules Cheret, a poster artist and famous painter of the century.

Furthermore, the quality of the products is amazing. The pastries are homemade every morning with fresh ingredients in the French traditions.

The opening of these two tea rooms in Los Angeles really shows the big impact of the french community in the city. Indeed we are more than 23,000 “Frenchies” leaving in the City of Angels. It’s the third biggest American city with the biggest population of French people after New York City and San Francisco.

Founded in 1862 by Louis Ernest Ladurée, the Parisian pastry shop in now going to be the next “place to be.”

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