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The best burger lives in South Pasadena

I couldn’t anymore. I needed to stop but I just couldn’t. For the first time in my life, I was unable to get anything in. I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have.

I stop when I finally get this feeling of fulfillment mixed up with guilt. I stop when I can’t eat anymore. I look around me and the world has changed. This is the story of how one September day, this restaurant in South Pasadena I found the best burger of my life.

Tired of American food? I hope not. Are you hungry right now? I hope so. Go to Gus’s Barbecue. Seriously go, right now. If you’re from out-of-state, too bad we’re not paying for your flight ticket.

Close your eyes, except if you’re driving there right now, and imagine you’re in a dark room with red lights creating a cozy ambience. This place is for the guy who just wants a drink and wants to watch the NBA Finals, it’s for the family who can’t choose a restaurant because each kid wants something different, it’s for the single girl who isn’t embarrassed to eat a burger alone, it’s for you.

To the right there is a bar, above it TVs hang with men’s voices cheering in the background for their team. To the left the tables and booths are organized for any size of party and allow just enough space to feel intimate but also fun.

The service is fast and the waiters are always around the corner to pour you more of your favorite drink.

From burgers to prime rib to hot fudge sundaes, you can find your favorite and any food on the menu. My favorite is the burger and fries with their perfectly delicious homemade sauce. From vegans to vegetarians to carnivores, you can feed anyone at this restaurant!

So bring your friends or family and have great night eating the best food and listening to the music they play to match the ambiance!