(Image courtesy of Dahlia Evans)
Jane Addams Middle School

Message to my future president: Restore the middle class

Dear future president,

Our ship has lost its course. When the leader of the free world fails to do so, we have a responsibility to bring it back swiftly. And those that steer the ship are the blue and white-collar workers of this red white and blue nation.

On Dec. 22, 2017, President Trump signed a tax reform bill which allowed the top 1% to have tax breaks. The bill allowed corporations to lower their taxes by 21% at a certain wage. This tax bill ended up costing our country $1.46 trillion.

The middle class has always been one of the aspects that made America great. With tax changes, the poor will stay poor and the rich will stay rich, but we sacrifice the middle class. There is no ladder or opportunity to climb in our society. A weak middle class is not only a weak economy but a weak America.

Along during Trump’s presidency, the middle class was destroyed and then the economy went too. President Trump only focused on the stock market he inherited and not income and income disparity.

My hope for you, Joe Biden, is to restore America’s middle class and to finally make America great.


Dahlia Evans

Environmental Charter High School

Gardena, California