Ivan Limbo is a volleyball player at John Marshall High School. (Photo courtesy of Ivan Limbo)


Q&A: High school life is stressful enough. How does a volleyball player handle it?

Volleyball player Ivan Limbo shares how he balances his busy schedule. He says it’s important to never give up on what you love.
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Melanie Orellana

November 28, 2022
Routines are a big aspect of a person’s life as they help us stay organized. Some students are faced with having full schedules and have successfully found ways to manage a routine. Ivan Limbo is a 16-year-old student athlete who plays for the John Marshall High School volleyball team.

Limbo has played volleyball since 2021 and he starred as a setter which is the core of the team. He has duties as a son and a boyfriend, and shared how he controls his life in school, at home and socially.


What time do you usually wake up?

I usually wake up at 6:30 in the morning. I try to get an early start so I can shower. 


Is there anything you do the night before a game to get yourself ready?

What I do the night before a game is to try to get as much sleep as possible; also try to eat three meals, if not two. Then I FaceTime with my girlfriend and she gives me words of encouragement, I also try to practice at home. I try not to stress as much. 


How do you manage schoolwork on top of practice?

Well since I have an off-season, my practices are very limited. I have practice on Mondays and Thursdays from 6-9. I try to do most of my work during the days I am off, there are times when I miss assignments but I always turn them in. 


What are your responsibilities at home?

I mainly help watch my brother since my mom is studying to become a nurse. I also clean the house and wash the dishes. I like to lift the stress off my mom’s back so I cook occasionally too.


Do you stick with your routine? Is it hard to maintain it? 

I try as hard as I can to stick with it. Of course, there are times when your routine won’t go to plan; for example just last week I couldn’t go to both practices due to helping my mom. It’s a bit hard but not impossible.


How do you make time for your girlfriend? Is she supportive of you at all?

I can make time for my girlfriend during the off-season since I only have two practice days. Then, of course, I would still try my best to make time with her during my regular season. She is very supportive of me, she is the reason why I joined, to begin with. She gave me the nudge I needed.


Are your coaches understanding? 

My coaches are understanding when it comes to missing practices. They support me and give me the necessary feedback to get better.

What position do you play? Are you happy with that position?

I play two positions in volleyball but I am very dedicated to playing setter. Playing setter makes me feel so powerful due to the position being the core of the team. I also play libero which is the best defense on the team, the position is very important due to the job of being able to keep the ball from hitting the floor.

Lastly, do you have any words of advice? 

My tip is to never give up on what you love.

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