Devil and Angel's royal milk tea and taro smoothies are smooth, silky and hydrating beverages. (Photo by Charlotte Levy)


Review: Devil and Angel dessert shop offers quality boba tea, baked goods

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Charlotte Levy

September 27, 2023
Devil and Angel desserts’ new location in Manhattan Beach is diversifying the dessert selection at Manhattan Village mall.

Devil and Angel, which opened in May, is conveniently located outside the indoor portion of the Village mall, next to Tommy Bahama. The dessert shop offers an assortment of refreshing treats, including “croffles,” mochi donuts, bubble tea beverages and soft serve.

Customers can purchase refreshers with lemonade, black tea, or jasmine tea with mango jelly, popping boba, or lychee jelly. These drinks are very customizable and are lighter and less decadent than the other drinks offered at Devil and Angel. The interesting textures of the toppings blend perfectly with the sweet, fruity, and fresh flavors of the teas and lemonades.

Although most of their desserts contain tapioca pearls, Devil and Angel provides plenty of alternatives for customers who don’t like boba. The paradise-ade drinks are fruit-flavored sparkling beverages topped with fresh fruits, making them fantastic for a healthy and hydrating sip. Similarly, their fresh fruit lattes combine the natural sweetness of blueberries, strawberries and mangos, with the creaminess of fresh cream and whole milk.

Devil and Angel also makes frozen drinks such as their boba smoothies and their signature cold foam creamies. The fluffy mochi skewer that rests on top of the cold foam creamy drink breaks up the silky decadence of the cold foam. All of the drinks can easily accommodate dairy-free customers, as the shop allows swapping whole milk for oat or almond milk.

The royal milk tea and taro smoothies are smooth, silky and hydrating beverages. The taro smoothie has a subtle starchy flavor that is perfectly paired with the brown sugar coated boba pearls. (Photo by Charlotte Levy)

Unlike many boba smoothies, the ones offered at Devil and Angel are not icy, but are smooth and thick. The boba milk teas are delicious and sugary, but are not for someone who enjoys tart and bitter drinks. The royal milk tea is particularly tasty, with its simple yet incredible black tea flavors.

Additionally, Devil and Angel sells fun desserts, like croffles (waffle croissants), boba soft serve, and mochi doughnuts. The exciting flavors and toppings of the mochi doughnuts are delightful and less sweet than the traditional doughnut. The boba soft serve is a twist on the typical cup of soft serve, with its sticky brown sugar syrup and chewy boba balls.

The mochi doughnut was delectable with its bouncy and fluffy texture. (Photo by Charlotte Levy)

The interior is decorated with ice cream cone hanging lights, festive balloons, and plenty of photo backdrops. The shop is filled with tables and the staff is very friendly, creating a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere. Even though the inside can seem a bit empty at times, the positive attitudes of the staff and customers bring a lively energy to the dessert shop.

The new addition to the Village mall is open every day of the week and has plenty of space for customers to socialize or work. Devil and Angel desserts has something for everyone, ranging from soft serve to mochi doughnuts. They have great treats, perfect for after shopping at the mall, dining at the Village, or going to a yoga class.

Customers are greeted with great customer service as they purchase boba beverages from Devils and Angels desserts. (Photo by Charlotte Levy)


The new Manhattan Beach dessert shop “Devil Angel” provides customers with tasty and sweet pastries and boba drinks. The menu variety and customer service is phenomenal, leaving customers satisfied and sure to come back. (Photo by Charlotte Levy)