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Compilation of the internet’s best reactions to the presidential debate

Tonight, Americans from all across the country witnessed the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Both candidates raised up valid points, arguing and sharing their points on the state of the economy, protection against cyber-warfare, trade deals and tax plans.

However, they both also had their fair share of punches and blows (Trump on Clinton’s emails, and Clinton on, well, Trump in general), which found a primetime showing on social media platforms worldwide, in the forms of dank memes and blunt tweets.

Here is our compilation of the “dankest” tweets and memes out there. Enjoy:

Trump’s focus on Clinton’s private email server drew in laughs from Clinton supporters.

Clinton’s responses were cut short by the most outlandish nonsense from Trump.

Some viewers reminisced to the great debate between Leslie Knopes and Bobby Newport in the TV show, “Parks and Recreation.” Trump’s seeming offense taken by Clinton’s campaign ads reminded them of Newport’s dopey character.

Hillary’s responses to Trump were just so “OG” that someone had to make an excerpt from the debate into a rap battle.

Do you Google synonyms for a short word to make your essays longer? You’re not alone. “Trump: He’s Just Like Us.”

See the world through Clinton’s eyes, from running against Sen. Bernie Sanders to encouraging voters to “Pokemon Go” to the polls.

Trump seemed to believe that he was both a candidate and the moderator in the debate.

Trump also strayed away from Lester Holt’s questions more than once.

Trump and Clinton continued to speak past their allotted time limit. People say moderator Holt was all a conspiracy hoax set up by the government. To moderate or not to moderate, that is the question.


Well, there you have it folks. We hope you tuned into the debate itself and listened to see what the candidates had to say about how they will help shape your future. Remember, if you have something to say to the future president of the United states, submit your short message to our Message To My Next President initiative for a chance to be featured on the LA Times homepage.

Memes curated by Luis Valente