Velvet scrunchies (Photo by Holly Bae)
La Cañada High School

A history of the hair accessory that returned

Whether you like them or hate them, the ubiquitous ‘80s hair accessories are still trending: the scrunchies. In 2017, the 1980s and 1990s fashion began to peek out of the black hole, and we knew there were going to be more of the style since 2018. Thanks to the designer brands — Balenciaga, Comfort Objects, and Mansur Gavriel — these trendy looks have returned.

The scrunchies, which took a huge turn in fashion in the late ‘80s, were originally invented in 1963 by Philip E. Meyers. However, Rommy Revson, a nightclub singer, patented the infamous design in 1986. She was tired of damaging her luxurious hair with harsh hair ties made with metal and plastic, so Revson wanted to find a solution for all the ladies with the same problem. Inspired by her pajama’s waistband, Revson sewed excess fabric around a piece of elastic. She named this the “scunci” after her poodle. The accessories were called “bunch bangles” and “hair clouds” until they reached France and were called “chouchou,” which translates to “darling.”

Before the scrunchie was created, women would put their hair up with a rubber band. This “hair accessory” would get tangled in their hair, and sometimes they would have to remove the item with scissors, leaving their hair in a sore condition and with fewer strands on their heads.

When you are not using your scrunchie to tie your hair, where is it? Probably on your wrist. In fact, wearing the accessory like a bracelet was just as fashionable as wearing it in the hair. This may not be quite surprising because scrunchies come in a variety of materials: velvet, denim, sequins, and silk.

The comfortable hair accessories made a comeback in 2018 with some expensive deals. Balenciaga’s scrunchies are made of lambskin and are priced at nearly $200. Furthermore, Comfort Objects is selling scrunchies made out of Hermès’s silk scarves for $125. Not only are these hair accessories highly expensive but they are also highly fashionable. Other scrunchies can be found at Urban Outfitters for an inexpensive cost at around $15, depending on the set.