(Image courtesy of Lauren Lee)
La Cañada High School

Column: Why your COVID-19 mindset is essential

We know it to be true.

Distance learning? A challenge to our education, athletic career, social life, mental health and eyes.

Health precautions? Sometimes a pain, a controversy or a life-saver.

Masks? Don’t even get me started. The fact that it is being hotly debated over alone is preposterous.

Who and what can get us through this pandemic? Is it your family, authorities or social media? On the contrary, it’s you. And the attitude you bring to the table.  

We need to be more thankful, sympathetic, open-minded and accepting. Think about what you have, whether that be a house, WiFi, method(s) of transportation, a backyard or siblings. Think about the privileged position you withhold — able to receive an education when others can’t. 

This is a time to reflect. A time for us to take a break and think about ourselves, our identity and about what our purpose in life is. When will another opportunity like this come?

If you took your education for granted or without a serious manner, have a change of heart. There are people who have survival as their number one priority because of circumstances and situations they may or may not be in control of. We need to make the best of what we have. Then, and only then, we will have the ability to institute change. 

Attitude is how we approach life and learning. A synonym for it is mindset. Do you have a growth or a fixed mindset? For the former, do you believe that you and your growth is invariable?

Or do you believe that you can grow and learn through difficulties (ex: the pandemic and distance learning) and thrive in them? That you can make your own education according to the effort and time you invest, and not solely by the abilities you are already possessing? 

If not the former, follow the steps below. 

First of all, correct your attitude and mindset, if needed fixing in the first place. Do not box yourself in and effectively prevent yourself from stretching your intelligence.

Second, put more thought into your actions and its long-term impacts. What we should be focusing on. How we should make use of our time. What your number one priority in life is.

Third, is the magic word: grit. We have to stick to our plans and priorities. Stick to a rigid schedule every day. Maintain good habits, for school or for hobbies in which you could blow off steam.

Fourth, be thankful. This will motivate you and keep your eyes forward to the future and what it may hold.

Don’t waste your potential. As the young but rising generation, we need to stand up and change others around us positively. The world needs leaders and scientists and engineers and artists.

What attitude do you have in life right now? For yourself and for the people you care about? For the world and community you live in? 

Make the world a better place. But first, change your mindset.