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Here’s how journaling every day for a year changed my life

Here are all of the journals that I have used. (Photo by Stephanie Kiang)

My first time keeping a journal was when I was in Germany for six weeks during the summer of 2017. I journaled every day I was there.

I took a break from journaling and resumed on June 1, 2018.

I couldn’t be gladder that I decided to journal every day from that point on.

Journaling has taught me how to self reflect and be truly grateful, which are two things everyone should try to do and be, in my opinion.

Writing down what happened throughout the day and how I am feeling in my journal is calming and healthy. Journaling is a healthy way to get whatever you want out of your mind and into a safe, personal space.

This is my favorite part of journaling. I truly enjoy having a safe space to write whatever I want and get whatever I want out of my head and onto the page.

I think self reflection is so important because it allows us to see how we have changed and grown over time. Journaling every day has taught me how to self reflect well and often throughout the day.

As I read through the journals I have filled up, I have been able to see how I have changed and grown over this past year.

I have made it a point every day to write down at least one good and positive thing that happened in the day in my journal. It can be something as small as “I saw a beautiful butterfly on my walk today” to “I’m looking forward to next year in newspaper.”

Writing down one positive thing that happened that day has allowed me to realize how blessed I truly am. I am so much more grateful today than I was before I started journaling because of this practice.

Journaling is an important part of my life, and I hope that if you decide to start a journal, you will realize how journaling has changed you for the better.

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