The finished result of dalgona coffee. (Image Courtesy of Holly Bae)
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How to make Dalgona Coffee

Are you staying in your house and thinking of what to do next? Why not sit and stir something 400 times? Actually, more like 4,000 times to make Dalgona coffee: the newest viral coffee trend.

You can trust me on that number because I have tried it seven times with my poor wrist, even though I had a mixer in the house. The trend started in South Korea in March and rapidly spread across the world. Dalgona (달고나) is a South Korean traditional sugar candy and is also known as poppgi (뽑기).

The candy is made using sugar and baking soda, but the coffee calls for sugar, instant coffee, boiling water, and milk. The milk is needed for the last step, as you will need a 1:1:1 ratio for the first three ingredients listed.

Since it takes time, you should boil the water first, while you gather the instant coffee and sugar. Any kind of sugar is fine, whether it be brown, white or raw sugar. However, make sure you taste it first because my friend accidentally put salt instead.

One serving calls for two tablespoons of each ingredient, so if you want to want to make enough for multiple servings, multiply the measurements by however many servings you want. Put the sugar and instant coffee in the same bowl and divide the water into three equal parts. Pour the water and stir with the sugar and instant coffee.

You can use a mixer, which will take approximately five minutes, or you can mix with a spoon using your hand, which will take approximately fifteen minutes, depending on your speed. At first, the mixture will be a dark brown color, but after five minutes, the shade will become lighter until it becomes golden brown.

Once you finish making the whipped coffee, pour a cup of your choice of milk: hot or cold. I like to drink mine cold with ice. Then, with a spoon, carefully transfer the coffee from the bowl to the glass.

You won’t have to worry about the coffee sinking down in the milk since it has a fluffy texture. If you do not like putting milk, you can apply the coffee onto bread or dip a chocolate chip cookie into it. Enjoy your Dalgona coffee, and stay safe from the coronavirus.