Nicole Reynolds has performed in several musicals at La Cañada High School as well as outside of school. (Photo by Stephanie Kiang)
La Cañada High School

Nicole Reynolds shines in the spotlight

When Nicole Reynolds was in the sixth grade play “Annie,” she came to adore singing and acting. She played the character Miss Hannigan, who is the owner of the orphanage where Annie lives.

After the sixth grade play, she signed up for small shows around the community.

“I loved being a part of something that I was good at and could do successfully. I liked the feeling of pride and accomplishment that I got after a show, so I just kept doing it. It made me happy,” Reynolds said.

In seventh grade, she joined the choir program, which she has stayed in all throughout high school.

Reynolds joined theater her freshman year. Reynolds said she joined theater because she wanted to try something new. She had an extra class period that she needed to fill for the year, which is why she ended up choosing the Ensemble Theater class.

“Mr. Eick is great and [the] whole program is just so fun, so I just stuck with it. I developed a love for it and a passion for it and that’s why I continued with it throughout high school,” Reynolds said.

Justin Eick, the department chair of Fine Arts and Career and Technical Education, said he has an equally high opinion of Reynolds.

Nicole Reynolds has performed in several musicals at La Cañada High School as well as outside of school. (Photo by Stephanie Kiang)

“Reynolds is one of the most talented students here on campus. What makes her really amazing is her generosity of spirit and her kindness with others,” Eick said.

Reynolds has performed in “The Sound of Music,” “Guys and Dolls,” “Les Miserables,” and “Mamma Mia” at La Cañada High School. She has also been a part of seven or eight musicals outside of school, she said.

“Outside of the school, I was in two other productions of ‘Les Mis,’ and that would probably have to be my favorite,” Reynolds said.

Confidence is the best thing that Reynolds has learned through her participation in choir and theater, she said.

“I wasn’t too confident when I was younger. I think through the performing I just learned to let go of any inhibitions and fears and I became more sure of myself and felt more confident,” Reynolds said.

For Reynolds, one of the best things about being in choir and theater is having a chance to get to know all of thNe people in both of the programs.

“I encourage everyone to at least try it once. Even if you don’t like choral music, choir is still fun. Even if you don’t necessarily like Shakespeare, the plays are still so fun. It’s a great way to build confidence and meet cool people and have fun. Whatever you choose to do in life, do it with confidence,” Reynolds said.