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Opinion: Enjoy nature and let your troubles slip away at Theodore Payne Nursery

Located in Sun Valley, California, is the Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers and Native Plants which “inspires and educates Southern Californians about the beauty and ecological benefits of California native plant landscapes,” according to their website.

When I first visited the foundation, I was amazed by the variety of plants that were there. Flowers and other plants in all shapes and sizes and colors were scattered throughout the foundation.

The purple flowers were my personal favorite.

There were various places around the park you could explore, such as the different trails that lead to different parts of the foundation that were fun to walk around and see.

I enjoyed visiting this foundation in particular because of the beautiful flowers that it had. There are also spaces that have different seeds that can be purchased. The gift shop has a variety of gifts such as hats, magnets, and various books that can be purchased.

I was disappointed when I had to leave the foundation. I truly enjoy unwinding and relaxing in nature. This spot in particular was quite calming and fun to be in. When I am in nature, I feel a sense of calming peace drift over me.

This is exactly what happened at the foundation — my troubles and worries slowly slipped away as I stared at all the wonderful plants and flowers.

Every time I saw a flower or plant that I thought was beautiful, I was thankful that such a pretty plant existed in the world. Visiting the foundation showed me that there is always something in life to appreciate and be thankful for.

This lesson is one that I hold dear to me because of how it has changed my life. Visiting the Theodore Payne Foundation taught me that there is always something to be thankful for.

If you need something to do on a day off, you should check out the Theodore Payne Foundation.

These were my favorite flowers at the foundation.
(Photo by Stephanie Kiang)