(Photo courtesy of Jan Vasek)
La Cañada High School

Opinion: Influences of mobile phones on people’s lives

Nowadays, mobile phones are seen in people’s daily lives. As people live in the technological world, the devices have become a necessity in every human being. Just like the surroundings around people, such as friends, mobile devices have both positive and negative effects in people’s lives.

Have you ever taken the time to think of those effects? Throughout this article, a detailed analysis of cell phone usage will be presented, and this will be achieved by conveying both the positive and negative lights of it.

There are various ways mobile phones can impact people: from entertainment to emergencies. People cannot live without one action: enjoyment. Thanks to mobile devices, people are entertained from morning to night with posts on social media, communication from texting, and records on games. Furthermore, mobile phones are the best way to communicate anywhere and at anytime. For instance, people can easily keep in touch with loved ones and long-distance relatives and friends.

The entertaining aspect of mobile phones is not quality distant from our community.

“I entertain myself by reading on my phone, watching movies and TV shows, playing games, listening to music, and communicating with others,” Ami Min, a senior at Central High School said.

Not only are entertainment opportunities appealing to mobile phones but also another aspect that captivates many people’s attention is saving lives. Imagine you find yourself in an emergency situation where you need to reach the police department as quickly as possible. What will be the first item you take out? Using mobile phones is the most preferable option in situations because you can immediately dial 911 to call for help.

After reading these beneficial effects of mobile phones, you may seem very thankful to have them in your life, but be ready to face the non-beneficial effects of what your portable device is doing to you. Mobile phones have various disadvantages on people’s lives, from distractions to health issues.

There are countless number of accidents caused by the usage of mobile phones. The temptation to pick up even a trivial call or text when driving can be fatal. According to the DMV in 2015, cell phone usage brought to 3,477 total deaths, 3,196 fatal car wrecks, and 391,000 injuries in the year alone.

In addition, mobile phones create a huge impact on teenagers. As teenagers become addicted to their cell phones for talking, messaging, and playing games, they forget the real usage of the device and waste their time through useless interactions over their mobile device.

The pejorative effects are intimate and have spread into our everyday lives, affecting a great number of our community.

“The notifications and social applications on my phone prevent me from finishing my homework. Sometimes I am on my phone for a couple of hours without noticing the time flying by,” Maya Preciado, a freshman at Golden Valley High School said.

Moreover, the frequent use of a mobile phone can damage one’s eyesight, increase stress level, cause headaches or brain tumors, and cause certain types of cancer. The negative impacts do not end here; additionally, mobile phone usage can distract people from driving and working.

As society and technology develop, cell phones become more and more important in people’s daily lives. The more important cell phones become, the more prominent their setbacks appear to the ordinary person. It may be true that mobile phones have conquered a part of our life that renders it to be unproductive and inefficient in terms of time management and personal health regulation issues.

However, we should not be discouraged by this temporary drawback. Certainly, cell phones can be integrated into our daily lives as an important and helpful tool rather than a weapon used against us. All in all, in order to achieve this, an individual effort is essential with proper time regulation being the most salient example.