A German Shepard looks up to its owner. (Photo courtesy of Alex Sanz, Associated Press)
La Cañada High School

Opinion: Why everyone needs a dog

When I arrive home, I always have someone waiting for me: my dog. She stands before the door, wagging her fluffy, white tail and sticking her long, pink tongue out.

Her actions overflow with excitement and make me want to play with her daily. When I am sitting down on my bed, she immediately lies beside me and curls like a roly-poly.

She is my best friend and is always there for me. We all deserve this feeling of warmth and happiness. That is why we need a dog.

We have probably heard of the saying that a dog is a man’s best friend. That is true. Dogs show true loyalty to their owners; it is their natural behavior. They obey and listen to commands, especially for treats.

The care and affection that dogs show to their owners develop and create stronger bonds. Furthermore, dogs can feel and read our emotions.

When it is one of those days whenever we feel gloomy and stay in our rooms, dogs can easily figure out what is wrong by their natural senses. In a study that was published in Learning & Behavior, researches found out that dogs can differentiate positive and negative human facial expressions.

In addition, dogs can be our body guards. Since they can sense how people feel, they know the right time to act protectively and bravely. We can tell if a dog is protective when it does not let us touch its food, snacks, or toys.

When trouble occurs, a dog may show its teeth, growl, or bark to protect its owner. In this case, dogs can be scary, but they are only doing their job.

Dogs are like humans. Most are sociable and like to get along with others. They have a natural characteristic of friendliness, which is why most dogs have fun with humans and other dogs and animals.

At times, they express their feelings through physical or audible actions such as snuggling and whining. But not every dog is the same; each dog has its own unique characteristics and personalities. However, despite what kind, they will be fun to be with.

During my life of 15 years, I have always had a dog by my side. If I did not have dogs over the years, I would not have been as happy as I currently am, and I know my life would not have been any better.